Services & Fees

At THERON AND MAYBERY ATTORNEYS we remain passionately focused and motivated within our practice of a wide spectrum of the law.

Our long terms business goals include the establishment, development and the sustaining of long-term professional relationships with our clients. In order to achieve our long term goals and objectives, we value the realisation that our success is built and dependent on the support and on-going business of our clients. In return we strive to offer hands on excellent quality services.

THERON AND MAYBERY ATTORNEYS remain passionately focused and driven within the following fields of law:


We offer a full range of legal services, at affordable rates. Our general litigation department includes High Court, Regional Court and Magistrates Court litigation as well as Commercial Litigation. Our expertise cover a wide spectrum of litigation, including:

  • Representation, facilitation and negotiation (in opposed and unopposed applications and trials).
  • Advising and guiding clients in respect of various commercial and private legal issues.
  • Negotiation and representation in disputes arising out of the Consumer Protection Act (for the retailer and the consumer).
  • Disputes arising out of the National Credit Act.
  • Disputes arising out of breach of contract, Commercial Lease disputes and outstanding debts.
  • Eviction applications/Lease Disputes.
  • Property law disputes.
  • Drafting of, inter alia:
    • Last Will and Testaments.
    • Living Wills.
    • Codicils.
    • Commercial and Non-commercial contracts.
    • Lease Agreements.
    • Sale Agreements etc.
    • Sale of share agreements.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution:

    Although we understand and appreciate that an aggressive litigation strategy is on many occasions necessary and appropriate, we remain firm in our belief, that depending on the nature and circumstances of each case, a conciliatory approach can at times better serve the clients’ interests. Often, disputes can be somewhat predictable and therefore possibly avoidable. THERON AND MAYBERY ATTORNEYS therefore strives to apply the correct litigation strategies from the outset, so as to ensure the best possible and cost effective outcome for our clients.

  • Debt recovery / Collections:

    In our experience in recovering all types of debts for a wide range of clients, we have discovered that certain recurring issues which are shared by many of our clients (from a Creditors perspective), namely that:

    • Valuable time and resources are wasted by the client’s key staff members in collecting monies owing to them.
    • Bad debt restricts the company’s cash flow.
    • There is a reluctance to discuss debts with customers as this often places strain on the customer relationships and the continuation thereof beyond payment of the accounts.
    • Debt collection or recovery is vital in all businesses.

    Our debt collection services include both litigious and non-litigious collections

    Non Litigious Processes

    • We deal with the debtors directly and handle the difficult conversations, which tend to place strain on professional/customer relationships between creditors and their customers.
    • We apply the appropriate pressure on the debtor in order to obtain prompt payment.
    • We maintain constant and personal contact through telephonic communications, which has proven to be far more effective than dispatching statements.
    • We offer payment plans and options to speed up recovery of the outstanding debt (subject to the clients (creditors) approval).
    • We offer client support to the client’s credit team through regular updates, and advice (where required), which in turn permits the clients records to be maintained and updated.
    • Our dealings are secure and completely confidential protecting the integrity of both the client and their customers (as governed by the rules of ethics of the legal profession).

    Litigious Processes

    • We are experienced litigators, meaning that in the event of non-payment, notwithstanding attempts to obtain payment in a non-litigious manner, we attend to the issuing of summons and the process which follows therefrom, including:
      • Formal letters of demand.
      • Institution of the applicable summons (action) proceedings, and representation in the event of the action being defended.
      • Summary judgment applications.
      • Applications for default judgment in the event of the action not being defended.
      • Execution proceedings to recover monies in terms of judgments obtained.
      • Representation in Section 65 Proceedings (financial enquiries to obtain Court ordered repayment terms after judgment).


We are a specialised Divorce and Family Law team.

Due to the nature and the dynamic of the family unit, and the negative impact divorces by their very nature may have on the relationships within the family unit, we firmly believe that these matters need to be approached in a sensitive manner which is conducive to minimising acrimony between all concerned in an attempt to keep the relationships intact.

THERON AND MAYBERY ATTORNEYS strongly and actively advocate children’s rights and firmly believe, in line with Section 28(2) of the Constitution of South Africa, that the child’s best interests are of paramount importance. We work in close association with Family Law experts such as Family Advocates, Social Workers and Forensic Psychologists so as to ensure that the best interests of the children, and the family unit as a whole, are served. Our constant interaction with appropriate experts enriches our experience and understanding of the intricate and diverse dynamic of the family unit so as to enable us to afford our client’s an insightful and improved service. Our Family Law practice includes, inter alia:

  • Divorces (uncontested and contested).
  • Maintenance (including Rule 43 / Rule 58 interim applications and post-divorce maintenance disputes).
  • Parental responsibility and rights disputes.
  • Relocation applications.
  • Change of matrimonial regime applications.
  • Edictal citation applications.
  • Disputes/claims arising out of breach of promise.
  • Advice on and drafting and registration of Ante-nuptial contracts.
  • Child abduction / Hague Convention.
  • Drafting of, inter alia:
    • Divorce settlement agreements.
    • Parenting plans (Primary Residence, Contact and Maintenance arrangements between the parties).
    • Maintenance agreements.
    • Co-habitation Agreements.
    • Universal Partnership Agreements.

3) Our Fees

At THERON AND MAYBERY ATTORNEYS, we strive to render excellent quality legal services that are cost effective and affordable, in an attempt to ensure accessibility of legal services to the public as a whole.

  • We consider the fees charged by us to be affordable, competitive and market related, having regard to the experience of the practising attorneys.
  • A fee of R 900.00 for the first consultation of one hour or part thereof is charged.
  • After the first consultation, should you wish to engage our services, we shall furnish you with our fee mandate agreement wherein our terms and conditions of engagement are set out, including the fees charged by us for various attendances and/or how disbursements will be dealt with.
  • Although we have certain fixed fees and tariffs in accordance with which we charge, we remain sensitive to the differing circumstances of each individual client and will therefore acknowledge the possible need to consider accommodating such clients, within our discretion.
  • Services rendered from time to time relate to areas where it is not possible to calculate the work done on a time basis. In determining the fees charged by THERON AND MAYBERY ATTORNEYS, we have given due consideration to the recommendations of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces as well as the various principles governing fees.
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